The Artist

With a guitar strap bearing a Walt Whitman poem and a strong belief that the purpose of music is a deeper sense of connectivity and completion, Micah Wagner is a man of many words and worlds, profoundly inspired by language, philosophy, and art. An artist and producer by trade and a songwriter by nature, Micah was born and raised in Austin, TX where his homegrown recording studio called M.R. Studios resides today. The studio specializes in production and developing artists, many of whom also happen to be singer-songwriters.

His affinity for sound, however, has a magic way of blending genres. “Sound crosses platforms. There’s no language barrier for sound. Sound feels so deeply altering,” Micah explains. From early childhood onward, he was exposed to eastern philosophy and global music, and it’s this intersection of worlds that makes him a well-rounded visionary as both an artist and producer, often identifying potentials within his clients that they’ve yet to discover. It’s this sense of musical intuition that’s fostered a portfolio of artists that includes everything from alt-jam rock, Strait country, East-meets-West hybrids, folk-soul, and dub dark jam.

The trick is to care like hell and not give a damn at the same time.
— Paul Simon

As an artist, Micah has gained inspiration from a range of musicians over the years. He considers himself a Pink Floyd “diehard,” and has been influenced by artists like Nick Drake, Justin Vernon, Paul Simon, Dan Aurbacher, and Red House Painters. Having now played guitar for 13 years, Micah has mastered a signature sound. And having studied English in college because of his love of language and poetry, he’s become a tailored songwriter and storyteller. His influences are deep—strongly rooted in the loss of his mother when he was 25. She battled cancer for eight years, and it was within this window of time that as a young man, Micah found himself committed to songwriting and music. He found a sense of purpose and focus in creating music, while facing the emotional turmoil that came with his mother’s repeated diagnoses. 

The Producer

As a producer, Micah has a genuine interest in helping his artists evolve. “I want to produce unbelievable art, thereby creating greater connectivity between all of us. I put systems in place for people who may feel isolated and alone—who don’t have a full band, who don’t know how to produce, or don’t know which way to turn. I help them slowly evolve their art and process by assessing who they are. We have a foundation to put this on and a beautiful network to pull from. It’s like a painting we get to paint together, constantly shifting out the canvas." It’s an openness to being translucent in what you know, and what you don’t. Choosing what to say, and leaving the rest out. Real production, is frequently really uncomfortable.

To date, Micah has played before or worked with artists like J.D. Souther, Dean Dillon, Bill Kirchen, Ustad Nizami, Willie Nelson, Chuck Cannon, Eliza Gilkison and others paying homage to his roots and wide range of musical influences. He’s come to terms with his life traumas and has found a way to write and produce music that is intended to deeply impact its listeners. He maintains that “music isn’t confusing,” while perpetually seeking “a sound that changes your life— that moment of euphoria and 'what just happened to me?’ That inspires my music.”

This is the quest that Micah has committed his life to.


If you feel safe in the area that you’re working in, you’re not working in the right area.
— David Bowie
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